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Dream it Choose it Live it
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What is Dream it Choose it Live it about?
After over 20 years of research and development and from having coached over 1000 ambitious individuals made up of professionals and entrepreneurs, in his book, Dan reveals how to create and live your dream entrepreneur lifestyle by using a system he's created, refined and proven by the extraordinary results many of his clients have created.

The book will guide you in how to break free of your limitations and become inspired to take new actions that will move you powerfully forward in creating whole new levels of success as an entrepreneur, both in your personal and professional lifestyle.
"If you are a struggling entrepreneur who wants to truly succeed then read this insightful book about how transformation will get you to the next level and beyond.”

~ Robin Sharma ~

Robin Sharma is one of the top leadership experts in the world. His work is embraced by rock stars, royalty, billionaires and many celebrity CEOs. With over 15,000,000 books sold, clients such as Starbucks, Nike, GE, The Coca-Cola Company, NASA and Microsoft are using his leadership methods to drive real growth & top performance.
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 Here's What Other People Are Saying About This Book:
“Great book Dan thank you for these very interesting and powerful words. Once I started reading it I couldn’t stop. It’s definitely given me knowledge in how to start living my dreams and not just dream about them. Well done Dan.”
~ Monica Gergely ~
“Dan’s book is a great read filled with his own story of transformation and of those who he has helped.
It contains practical steps to transforming negative beliefs into new possibilities. There is real power in this. The first step on the pathway to ultimate success for some may be reading this extraordinary book.”
~ Tim Williams ~
"Dan, massive thanks for changing my life. I highly recommend Dan's book.
Me and my other half could read this book over and over again!"
~ Alexandra Natalia ~
Learn The PROVEN system
to Create Your Dream
Entrepreneur Lifestyle
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This is a full in-depth online program with powerful daily exercises based on the knowledge I've gained from years of research that will enable you to greatly elevate your abilities as an entrepreneur.

This program is perfect for you if you are at the early stages of creating a business or are struggling to get the results you want as this program will teach you how to structure your lifestyle and take focused action to ensure your ongoing success as a professional or entrepreneur.
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Here's Some of What You'll Learn From The Dream it Choose it Live it Book:
  • The Subconscious Reflection Creation Trap (P47): Learn that however hard you work, you'll always end up creating results that reflect what you think of your self.
    Once you know this you’ll be aware of why you haven't yet achieved the results you want. Instead, you'll start to understand what you need to do to create the results you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Will Your Life Be One of Regret? (P59): Most professionals and entrepreneurs never get to succeed to anywhere near the level they are capable of because they don't have the ability to properly see their current circumstances. Once you have distinguished where you are now you’ll become confident to move forward in a new and even more inspiring direction.
  • ​What is Transformation? (P63): Once you understand what transformation is, that it naturally happens when you bring your awareness to a way of thinking that's been holding you back you’ll learn how to clear such ways of thinking and instead become focused, highly motivated and inspired.
  • ​The Reflection Transformation System (P71): Many entrepreneurs start with a goal based on what they already know so the goal is usually very limited but when you learn this system, you'll start to have visions of your possible new future that you've never been able to see before.
    You'll create goals that will deeply inspire you.
  • ​Awaken Awareness (P76): You'll become clear as to what path you are currently on now so that you'll instantly know if you are on track or not. You’ll get to learn if you are headed for creating a lifestyle that’ll cause you to feel regret or satisfaction and what to do to ensure you are on the right path to true success. 
  • ​The 7 Point Transformational Mandala System (P82): Learn this transformational process that’s taken over 20 years of research and development which when implemented, will enable you to transform your most predominant but subconscious ways of thinking that are causing you to not be effective or procrastinate.
  • Dream The Dream (P120): You’ll learn how to see your dream future with such clarity that you’ll feel like you’ve lived it already. This will cause you to feel deep feelings of inspiration and the motivation to stay committed to achieving everything you’ve ever dreamed of regardless of the challenges you face.
  • Choose The Dream (P129): Learn that choosing your dream future means to plan out your dream future. Here you’ll learn a planning method that’s so simple yet so powerful that many of Dan’s clients say they have only achieved such success because of this planning system. Once you've learned this planning system it will continually support you.
  • ​Live The Dream (P143): Learn that if you overwork to create the results you want that you'll never be satisfied. Equally that if you don't work towards creating what you truly desire that you'll feel deep regret for not living your life to it's fullest. Here you'll learn how to balance both being in action to create everything you dream of creating yet in a daily routine that will bring you great satisfaction every day.
  • ​Five case studies (P149): These studies will show you how others took action on what is included in this book and what they accomplished as a result of implementing what they learned. This will give you further confidence in knowing that you are on the right path to creating your dream entrepreneur lifestyle.
  • Your Life After This Book (P167): The problem with most books focused on success is that they don't break down concepts enough so that they can be properly implemented. Here you'll learn how to implement everything you have learned in the book so what you've learned enables you to create real, tangible results and to actually live your dream entrepreneur lifestyle.
  • ​The 7 Point Transformational Mandala System Workshop (P174): Go through the transformational system in detail by following this step by step guide to ensure you experience a breakthrough to leave your past behind and access a totally new and inspirational future as a successful entrepreneur.
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